Effect of manganese and nitrogen on the solidification mode in austenitic stainless steel welds

Research paper by N. Suutala

Indexed on: 01 Dec '82Published on: 01 Dec '82Published in: Metallurgical and Materials Transactions A


The macrostructures and microstructures of thirty different austenitic stainless welds alloyed with manganese and Jor nitrogen are analyzed. Comparison of the results with those obtained from normal welds of the AISIJAWS 300 series indicates that the solidification mode and Ferrite Number can be predicted adequately using chromium and nickel equivalents. The solidification mode in the normal and nitrogen-alloyed welds can be best described by the equivalents developed by Hammar and Svensson and the Ferrite Number by the conventional Schaeffler-DeLong diagram. Both of these descriptions are invalid at high manganese content values (5 to 8 pct), however, in which case Hull’s equivalents give a better correlation between the composition and the solidification mode or Ferrite Number. The complicated role of manganese and the austenite-favoring effect of nitrogen in austenitic stainless steels are discussed.