Effect of Lorentz Symmetry Breaking on the Deflection of Light in a Cosmic String Spacetime

Research paper by Kimet Jusufi, İzzet Sakallı, Ali Övgün

Indexed on: 17 May '17Published on: 17 May '17Published in: arXiv - General Relativity and Quantum Cosmology


We investigate the Lorentz symmetry breaking effects (LSBE) on the deflection of light by a rotating cosmic string spacetime in the weak limit approximation. We first calculate the deflection angle by a static cosmic string for a fixed spacelike 4-vector case (FSL) with the corresponding effective-string optical metric using the Gauss-Bonnet theorem (GBT). Then, we focus on a more general scenario, namely we calculate the deflection angle by a rotating cosmic string applying the GBT to Randers effective-string metric. We obtain a significant modification in the deflection angle because of the LSBE parameter. We find a first and second order correction terms due to the global effective topology which are proportional to the cosmic string and LSBE parameter, respectively. Finally, for a fixed time-like 4-vector (FTL) case, we show that the deflection angle is not affetced by LSBE parameter.