Effect of ice content and cryogenic structure of frozen ground on the bearing capacity of a pile

Research paper by V. N. Eroshenko, Yu. G. Fedoseev

Indexed on: 01 Nov '76Published on: 01 Nov '76Published in: Soil Mechanics and Foundation Engineering


1. The limit resistance of piles in permofrost, especially of driven and bored-driven piles, is determined not only by the amount of ice IC but also by the character of ice distribution in the mass, i.e., by the cryogenic structure.2. Horizontally bedded structures as compared with vertically bedded and cellular, with like content of ice, provide higher bearing capacity of the piles (on an average, by 17%).3. The effect of structure in determining the bearing capacity of a pile may be considered by introducing the structure coefficient KT into the formula for calculation; the values of this coefficient for horizontally bedded structure have been given in Table 1. For vertically bedded and cellular structures, KT = 1 is recommended, and for massive soils, KT = 0.