Effect of Ethylene Glycol and Its Oligomers on the Copper(II) Electroreduction Kinetics in Halide-Containing Acid Sulfate Solutions

Research paper by D. Brazinskiene, A. Survila

Indexed on: 01 Sep '05Published on: 01 Sep '05Published in: Russian Journal of Electrochemistry


The kinetics of the copper electroreduction in acid sulfate solutions containing ethylene glycol derivatives (EG) with the common formula HO-(CH2-CH2-O)m-H is studied by means of voltammetry and impedance spectroscopy. All the EG (m≤6) display weak surface activity and barely effect the cathodic kinetics in the absence of halides. Halides can initiate inhibiting adsorption of EG only when the number of ether oxygen atoms in them is 3 (m ≤ 4), by inhibiting the first-electron transfer onto ions Cu2+. These effects are discussed invoking notions on the formation of pseudocrown structures in the adsorption layer.