Effect of dilute acid pretreatment of rice straw on structural properties and enzymatic hydrolysis.

Research paper by Teng-Chieh TC Hsu, Gia-Luen GL Guo, Wen-Hua WH Chen, Wen-Song WS Hwang

Indexed on: 21 Nov '09Published on: 21 Nov '09Published in: Bioresource Technology


This study aim is to propose operational conditions for the dilute acid pretreatment of rice straw and to explore the effect of the structural properties of the solid residues on the enzymatic hydrolysis. A maximal sugar yield of 83% was achieved when the rice straw was pretreated with 1% (w/w) sulfuric acid with a reaction time of 1-5 min at 160 degrees C or 180 degrees C, followed by enzymatic hydrolysis. The completely release of sugar (xylose and glucose) increased the pore volume of the pretreated solid residues resulted in an efficiency of 70% for the enzymatic hydrolysis. The extra pore volume was generated by the release of acid-soluble lignin and this resulted in the enzymatic hydrolysis being enhanced by nearly 10%. The increase in the crystallinity index of the pretreated rice straw was limited. These results were consistent with those from the Fourier transformer infrared (FTIR) analysis.