Effect of coat color genes on the hair pigmentation morphology in the american mink (Mustela vison Schr. L.)

Research paper by L. A. Prasolova, O. V. Trapezov

Indexed on: 01 Jul '07Published on: 01 Jul '07Published in: Russian Journal of Genetics


The morphological patterns of hair pigmentation (the size and shape of pigment granules and their distribution among layers) have been studied in four compound coat color forms of the American mink: moil-sapphire also known as violet (genotype m/m a/a p/p); moil-silver or sage (genotype m/m p/p); the color form determined by genotype m/+ a/a; and platinum leopard (Sk/+ a/+ p/p). The hair pigmentation pattern specific for each coat color form and its difference from the standard coat color of the American mink (genotype +/+) has been determined. The possible mechanisms of the phenotypic expression of the nonallelic genes contributing to the described compound color forms are discussed.