Effect of Clubhead Inertial Properties and Driver Face Geometry on Golf ball Trajectories ☆

Imported: 09 Jul '16 | Published: 09 Jul '16

William McNally, Daniel Balzerson, Daniel Wilson, John McPhee

Procedia Engineering

Abstract: There are many factors that influence the amount of side-spin imparted to a golf ball during impact with a driver. In general, the best golf drives are launched with minimal side-spin, producing a straight ball trajectory with maximum carry distance. During off-centre impacts, side-spin is generated due to a phenomenon known as the “gear effect.” The extent of the gear effect depends on clubhead design parameters such as the moment of inertia and centre of gravity location. The bulge of a driver is a design feature implemented to counter-act the side-spin produced by the gear effect. In this investigation, an impulse-momentum impact model and an aerodynamic ball flight model are used to (i) examine the effect of... Read More

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