Effect of bamboo vinegar powder as an antibiotic alternative on the digesta bacteria communities of finishing pigs.

Research paper by Huan H Qu, Yanjie Y Huang, Yinghao Y Shi, Ying Y Liu, Shenglong S Wu, Wenbin W Bao

Indexed on: 19 May '18Published on: 19 May '18Published in: Canadian journal of microbiology


This study investigated the use for bamboo vinegar powder as an antibiotic alternative in the diet of growing-finishing pigs by examining their digestive bacterial communities. Forty-five Duroc × Landrace × Yorkshire growing-finishing pigs were randomly allocated to five diet groups: 0%,0.5%, 1.0%, or 1.5% bamboo vinegar levels and antibiotics. After 37 days, the digesta in duodenum of four pigs from each treatment were analyzed for their bacterial community compositions using 16S rRNA gene sequencing. Addition of 1.5% bamboo vinegar powder had the most similar effect on the intestinal microflora to that of antibiotics, indicating its potential to promote the growth and development of finishing pigs. We also found the 1.5% bamboo vinegar powder group to have an increased abundance of Firmicute/Bacteroidetes compared with the other bamboo vinegar powder groups, which may enhance the ability of the host to absorb food energy and store more body fat. Additionally, the effects of bamboo vinegar powder on promoting the abundances of Lactobacillus and Thalassospira and on inhibiting Streptococcus and Prevotella growth revealed it may play an important role in animal production. Moreover, functional predictions of microbes via PICRUSt indicated that feed supplemented with 1.5% bamboo vinegar powder could promote many vital metabolic pathways.