Effect of Asymmetric Hot Rolling on the Texture Evolution of Fe–3%Si Steel

Research paper by Tae-Wook Na, Hyung-Ki Park, Chang-Soo Park, Hyung-Don Joo, Jong-Tae Park, Heung Nam Han, Nong-Moon Hwang

Indexed on: 01 Jun '18Published on: 31 May '18Published in: Metals and Materials International


In Fe–3%Si steel, the hot rolling process affects not only the hot rolling texture but also the primary recrystallization texture. Here, the effect of asymmetric hot rolling was studied by comparing the difference in the texture evolved between asymmetric and symmetric hot rolling. The effect of asymmetric hot rolling on the texture of primary recrystallized Fe–3%Si steel was also studied. The symmetric hot rolling of Fe–3%Si steel produces a rotated cube texture at the center but Goss and copper textures near the surface. Asymmetric hot rolling tends to produce Goss and copper textures even at the center like the texture near the surface. After primary recrystallization, the dominant texture at the center changes from {001} <210> to {111} <112> and the new texture has a higher fraction of the grains which make the low energy boundary with Goss grains than that of symmetric hot rolling.