Effect of α-amanitine on puffing and intranuclear RNA synthesis in Chironomus salivary glands

Research paper by Wolfgang Beermann

Indexed on: 01 Jun '71Published on: 01 Jun '71Published in: Chromosoma


Incubation of Chironomus salivary glands with α-amanitine in concentrations from 1 to 10 γ/ml results in the suppression of puffing and chromosomal 3H-uridine incorporation after 30 to 60 min in 80% of the cells. Nucleolar 3H-uridine incorporation remains completely unaffected. Even 4 h after the injection of high doses of α-amanitine into living larvae, nucleolar incorporation is still pronounced. The distribution of “resistant” cells within the salivary glands suggests that the uptake of α-amanitine is subject to physiological restrictions.—A puff typically induced during in vitro incubation of salivary glands was found to be less sensitive to α-amanitine than the Balbiani rings.