EEG power mapping, dipole source and coherence analysis in chernobyl patients

Research paper by Ludmila A. Zhavoronkova, Nina B. Kholodova, German A. Zubovsky, Natalia V. Gogitidze, Yurii M. Koptelov

Indexed on: 01 Dec '95Published on: 01 Dec '95Published in: Brain Topography


EEG power mapping, coherence analysis, source localization of epileptiform activity and psychoneurological investigations were performed in 100 patients (males, 25–45 years old, right-handed), who took part in the cleaning of the Chernobyl disaster in 1986–1987, and compared with a control group (healthy persons of the same age). Neuropsychological studies showed autonomie, endocrine, emotional and other disorders in all patients. About 70% of all patients had paroxysmal EEG activity and intermittent seizures sometimes associated with loss of consciousness. EEG power mapping showed higher than normal levels of alpha- and theta-bands power, mainly in the frontal and central areas in the one group of patients. In others, power was lower especially in alpha-band. Paroxysmal waves of alpha- and theta-bands had localization of dipole sources at deeper near midline levels, and as a rule with a shift to the right hemisphere. Paroxysmal beta-waves demonstrated sources of a diffuse character at a more basal level with a shift to the left hemisphere. Interhemispheric coherences had lower values in the frontal and higher in the central leads than in healthy persons. Intrahemispheric coherences were decreased in the left hemisphere and increased in the right, opposite to that in controls.