Ectomycorrhiza formation ofTricholoma matsutake isolates on seedlings ofPinus densiflora in vitro

Research paper by Akiyoshi Yamada, Ken Maeda, Masatake Ohmasa

Indexed on: 01 Dec '99Published on: 01 Dec '99Published in: Mycoscience


Tricholoma matsutake forms ectomycorrhizas withPinus densiflora under field conditions. The present study aimed to test the ability ofT. matsutake isolates to form mycorrhizas with aseptic seedlings ofP. densiflora in vitro. Pine seeds were germinated aseptically on a nutrient agar medium, and pairs of 1-wk-old seedlings were transplanted into polymethylpentene bottles containing autoclaved sphagnum moss/vermiculite substrate. The substrate was saturated with nutrient medium containing glucose. At the same time, the bottles were inoculated with aT. matsutake isolate. Three mo after inoculation, the fungus formed a sheath and Hartig net on the pine lateral roots. Ectomycorrhizas were also confirmed on 4-6-mo-old seedlings which showed the same or slinghtly better growth than the control plants. These results indicate that culturedT. matsutake mycelium can form true ectomycorrhizas withP. densiflora seedlings in vitro.