Echinococcus species from red foxes, corsac foxes, and wolves in Mongolia.

Research paper by Akira A Ito, Gantigmaa G Chuluunbaatar, Tetsuya T Yanagida, Anu A Davaasuren, Battulga B Sumiya, Mitsuhiko M Asakawa, Toshiaki T Ki, Kazuhiro K Nakaya, Abmed A Davaajav, Temuulen T Dorjsuren, Minoru M Nakao, Yasuhito Y Sako

Indexed on: 21 Aug '13Published on: 21 Aug '13Published in: Parasitology


The small intestines of 420 wild canids (111 corsac foxes, 191 red foxes and 118 wolves) from Mongolia, were examined for adult worms of the genus Echinococcus. The Mongolian genotype of Echinococcus multilocularis was found in fifteen red foxes and four wolves, whereas two genotypes (G6/7 and G10) of Echinococcus canadensis were found in two and three wolves, respectively. No adult Echinococcus worms were found in the corsac foxes examined. The genotypes of E. multilocularis and E. canadensis are discussed in terms of host specificity and distribution in Mongolia. The importance of wolves in the completion of the life cycle of Echinococcus spp. is also discussed.