ECG measurement on a chair without conductive contact.

Research paper by Yong Gyu YG Lim, Ko Keun KK Kim, Kwang Suk KS Park

Indexed on: 12 May '06Published on: 12 May '06Published in: IEEE transactions on bio-medical engineering


For the purpose of long-term, everyday electrocardiogram (ECG) monitoring, we present a convenient method of ECG measurement without direct conductive contact with the skin while subjects sat on a chair wearing normal clothes. Measurements were made using electrodes attached to the back of a chair, high-input-impedance amplifiers mounted on the electrodes, and a large ground-plane placed on the chair seat. ECGs were obtained by the presented method for several types of clothing and compared to ECGs obtained from conventional measurement using Ag-AgCl electrodes. Motion artifacts caused by usual desk works were investigated. This study shows the feasibility of the method for long-term, convenient, everyday use.