Dynamics of localized waves in a (3[math]+[math]1)-dimensional nonlinear evolution equation

Research paper by Yunfei Yue, Yong Chen

Indexed on: 16 Apr '19Published on: 15 Mar '19Published in: Modern physics letters. B, Condensed matter physics, statistical physics, applied physics


Modern Physics Letters B, Ahead of Print. In this paper, a (3[math]+[math]1)-dimensional nonlinear evolution equation is studied via the Hirota method. Soliton, lump, breather and rogue wave, as four types of localized waves, are derived. The obtained N-soliton solutions are dark solitons with some constrained parameters. General breathers, line breathers, two-order breathers, interaction solutions between the dark soliton and general breather or line breather are constructed by choosing suitable parameters on the soliton solution. By the long wave limit method on the soliton solution, some new lump and rogue wave solutions are obtained. In particular, dark lumps, interaction solutions between dark soliton and dark lump, two dark lumps are exhibited. In addition, three types of solutions related with rogue waves are also exhibited including line rogue wave, two-order line rogue waves, interaction solutions between dark soliton and dark lump or line rogue wave.