Dynamically reconfigurable magnonic crystal composed of artificial magnetic skyrmion lattice

Research paper by Xi-guang Wang, Yao-Zhuang Nie, Qing-lin Xia, Guang-hua Guo

Indexed on: 20 Aug '20Published on: 10 Aug '20Published in: Journal of applied physics


Journal of Applied Physics, Volume 128, Issue 6, August 2020. Skyrmion-based magnonic crystal (MC) provides the dynamic tunability of manipulating magnonic band structure, and this brings obvious advantages over geometry or material-modulated MCs with a static band. But the existence of stable skyrmion usually requires strong Dzyaloshinskii–Moriya interaction (DMI) in combination with an external magnetic field under specific strength, and all these features limit the experimental realization and practical designing of the skyrmion-based MC. Here, we introduce the concept of artificial magnetic skyrmion-based MC. The artificial skyrmion lattice is realized by patterning an array of magnetic nanodisks on a thin film. The coupling between nanodisks and thin film generates an array of skyrmions possessing the same period as the nanodisk array. Via applying the pulsed magnetic field, one can turn on and off the skyrmion lattice, which allows switching between two very different magnonic band structures. Furthermore, via a honeycomb lattice, we extend this design to the dynamic on and off for chiral magnon edge state. The on and off switching is fast and in the range of nanoseconds. Considering that the coupling from nanodisks can greatly enhance the stability of skyrmions, no matter whether the DMI or magnetic field exists or not, our design points to a simple realization of dynamic skyrmion MC and topological magnonic devices.