Dynamical modeling validation of parent bodies associated with newly discovered CMN meteor showers

Research paper by Damir Šegon, Jérémie Vaubaillon, Peter S. Gural, Denis Vida, Željko Andreić, Korado Korlević, Ivica Skokić

Indexed on: 07 Nov '16Published on: 07 Nov '16Published in: arXiv - Astrophysics - Earth and Planetary Astrophysics


Context: Results from previous searches for new meteor showers in the combined Croatian Meteor Network and SonotaCo meteor databases suggested possible parent bodies for several newly identified showers. Aims: We aim to perform an analysis to validate the connection between the identified showers and candidate parent bodies. Methods: Simulated particles were ejected from candidate parent bodies, a dynamical modeling was performed and the results were compared to the real meteor shower observations. Results: From the 13 analysed cases, three were found to be connected with comets, four with asteroids which are possibly dormant comets, four were inconclusive or negative, and two need more observational data before any conclusions can be drawn.