Dynamical Humidity Sensing Characterization of LiNbO3 Film and Porous Si based Structures

Research paper by S. Bravina, N. Morozovsky, E. Dogheche, D. Remiens, R. Boukherroub

Indexed on: 12 May '09Published on: 12 May '09Published in: Physics - Materials Science


The results of the investigation of impact of pulse humidity changes on the parameters of dynamic current-voltage loops and charge-voltage loops, and also dynamic transient currents for Pt/LiNbO3-film/Pt:Ti/SiO2/Si and porous Si/Si structures are presented. The peculiarities of current-voltage loops and transient currents curves are characteristic for poling processes in the space charge region similar to that observed in the case of ionic semiconductors. The efficiency of using the methods of dynamic electrophysical characterization for studying characteristics of various under fast humidity changes was demonstrated. The results are considered from the standpoint of applications in high-speed humidity sensing.