Dynamical coupling between a nuclear spin ensemble and electromechanical phonons.

Research paper by Yuma Y Okazaki, Imran I Mahboob, Koji K Onomitsu, Satoshi S Sasaki, Shuji S Nakamura, Nobu-Hisa NH Kaneko, Hiroshi H Yamaguchi

Indexed on: 30 Aug '18Published on: 30 Aug '18Published in: Nature communications


Dynamical coupling with high-quality factor resonators is essential in a wide variety of hybrid quantum systems such as circuit quantum electrodynamics and opto/electromechanical systems. Nuclear spins in solids have a long relaxation time and thus have the potential to be implemented into quantum memories and sensors. However, state manipulation of nuclear spins requires high-magnetic fields, which is incompatible with state-of-the-art quantum hybrid systems based on superconducting microwave resonators. Here we investigate an electromechanical resonator whose electrically tunable phonon state imparts a dynamically oscillating strain field to the nuclear spin ensemble located within it. As a consequence of the dynamical strain, we observe both nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) frequency shifts and NMR sidebands generated by the electromechanical phonons. This prototype system potentially opens up quantum state engineering for nuclear spins, such as coherent coupling between sound and nuclei, and mechanical cooling of solid-state nuclei.