Dynamic responses of CNT reinforced composite plates subjected to impact loading

Research paper by Z.G. Song, L.W. Zhang, K.M. Liew

Indexed on: 10 Jun '16Published on: 06 Jun '16Published in: Composites Part B: Engineering


Although it constitutes a significant issue, no analytical studies have been conducted on the impact behaviors of CNT reinforced functionally graded composite plates. Therefore, in this paper, the dynamic responses of CNT composite plates subjected to impact loading are investigated analytically. In the structural modeling, Reddy's high-order shear deformation theory is used. Three types of CNT distribution are considered. The equation of motion of the CNT reinforced composite plate is formulated by Hamilton's principle. To solve the equation of motion, the displacement fields and external load are expanded by the Fourier series. The transverse displacement is obtained by the Duhamel integration. The coupling equation of displacement and impact load is solved through the Laplace transform, and the analytical solution for the transverse displacement is obtained. The dynamic responses of CNT reinforced composite plates with different CNT distributions and volume fractions are analyzed. From the numerical results, it can be observed that the amplitude of the impact response of FGX-CNT reinforced plates is lower than that of the plate with FG-O and UD-CNT distributions. The increase of CNT volume fraction can also reduce the amplitude of impact response. Moreover, with the increase of the thickness of the CNT reinforced plates, the center impact displacement of the plate decreases.

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