Dynamic interaction between a sub-interface crack and the interface in a bi-material: time-domain BEM analysis

Research paper by J. Lei, Y.-S. Wang, D. Gross

Indexed on: 01 Sep '03Published on: 01 Sep '03Published in: Archive of Applied Mechanics


Transient response of a sub-interface crack in a bi-material is studied with emphasis on the dynamic interaction between the crack and the interface, by combining the traditional time-domain displacement boundary element method (BEM) and the non-hypersingular traction BEM. Computations are performed for an unbounded bi-material with a crack subjected to impact tensile loading on its faces or incident impact waves and a bounded rectangular bi-material plate under remote impact tensile loading. Numerical results of the dynamic stress intensity factors (DSIFs) and dynamic interface tractions are presented for various material combinations and crack locations. It is shown that pronounced increases in DSIFs and the interface tractions may be caused in some cases because of the dynamic interaction between the crack and the interface.