Dynamic instabilities of model electrochemical system with electrocatalytic oxidation and preceding chemical reaction

Research paper by V. V. Pototskaya, O. I. Gichan

Indexed on: 30 Mar '11Published on: 30 Mar '11Published in: Russian Journal of Electrochemistry


The method of impedance spectroscopy was used to study the regularities of behavior of a model electrochemical system with an electrocatalytic reaction on a planar electrode which is preceded by a homogeneous chemical reaction. It is shown that in the case of low rates of the homogeneous chemical reaction, two types of bifurcations may exist in the system at the chosen attraction constant value; namely, the Hopf bifurcation leading to spontaneous oscillations and saddle-node bifurcation resulting in bistability of the system. The Hopf bifurcation disappears from the system at medium and high rates of the homogeneous chemical reaction, while the saddle-node bifurcation is retained.