Dyakonov-like surface waves in the THz regime ☆

Research paper by Abbas Ghasempour Ardakani, Mahin Naserpour, Carlos J. Zapata-Rodríguez

Indexed on: 18 Mar '16Published on: 16 Jan '16Published in: Photonics and Nanostructures - Fundamentals and Applications


Here we examine Dyakonov-like surface waves (DSWs) in the THz regime traveling along the plane interface between a non-conducting isotropic medium and a low-loss graphene-based uniaxial metamaterial with the optic axis (OA) oriented along with the interface. New insights concerning the propagation characteristics of DSWs are given by analyzing the dispersion relation in such configuration, that is evaluated using the effective medium theory. The range of angles with respect to the OA which is determined for the in-plane wave vector can be conveniently tuned with extremely flexibility in opposition with DSWs excited in natural anisotropic media. The properties discussed here are of relevance in applications reaching ultra-compact electromagnetic waveguides and bio- and chemo-sensing.

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