Duty of care and political expectations. Part 2: Readers' concerns/experiences.

Research paper by Suzanne S Fullbrook

Indexed on: 23 Jul '08Published on: 23 Jul '08Published in: British journal of nursing (Mark Allen Publishing)


Nurses have written to nursing journals outlining concerns and negative experiences that some believe stem from an inability to successfully implement health care according to law. However, the question is raised that, whereas the language used in such correspondence is that of a legal duty of care, in fact the guidelines that express the political impetus and thereby underpins and overtly influences current practice stems from Government literature. Part 2 gives voice to concerns as expressed by readers. Their experiences are explored as being valid responses to the implementation of new ways of working in the NHS. In addition, the question is asked: when standards, affected by a lack of clinical resources fall below those expected and experienced by nurses, which standard is in question--the legal or the professional, or are they the same?