"Dropping objects": a potential index of severe carpal tunnel syndrome.

Research paper by C C Pazzaglia, P P Caliandro, G G Granata, P P Tonali, L L Padua

Indexed on: 11 Mar '10Published on: 11 Mar '10Published in: Neurological Sciences


Patients affected by carpal tunnel syndrome (CTS) often report finding themselves "dropping objects". This symptom is perceived as a severe and frustrating problem. We investigated the occurrence of "dropping objects" in a sample of 532 patients affected by CTS, studied with a multidimensional protocol (clinical, neurophysiological, and patient-oriented). To ensure that the definition of "dropping objects" was index of abnormality, we evaluated a control group interviewing 200 subjects. In order to evaluate if "dropping objects" was an index of more severe CTS impairment, we compared the severity measures between the patients with and without this condition. Severity of CTS multidimensionally assessed was significantly greater in patients with a history of dropped objects than those without. Moreover, "dropping objects" was more frequent in females, older patients, and in those patients with more functional impairment. The occurrence of "dropping objects" in CTS patients seems to be an index of CTS severity.