Drell-Yan Constraints on New Electroweak States and the Di-photon Anomaly

Research paper by Christian Gross, Oleg Lebedev, Jose Miguel No

Indexed on: 18 Feb '16Published on: 18 Feb '16Published in: High Energy Physics - Phenomenology


LHC data in Run 2 hint at the existence of a resonance with the mass around 750 GeV which decays into 2 photons. Microscopic particle physics models fitting the data invoke new fields beyond the Standard Model which carry electric charge. Regardless of the details of the spectrum and couplings among the extra fields, they have a cumulative effect on the running of the electroweak gauge couplings at high energies. We find that the LHC Drell-Yan production already sets constraints on such particles which will become progressively stronger with more data.