Doubly hybrid density functional for accurate descriptions of nonbond interactions, thermochemistry, and thermochemical kinetics.

Research paper by Ying Y Zhang, Xin X Xu, William A WA Goddard

Indexed on: 12 Mar '09Published on: 12 Mar '09Published in: PNAS


We develop and validate a density functional, XYG3, based on the adiabatic connection formalism and the Görling-Levy coupling-constant perturbation expansion to the second order (PT2). XYG3 is a doubly hybrid functional, containing 3 mixing parameters. It has a nonlocal orbital-dependent component in the exchange term (exact exchange) plus information about the unoccupied Kohn-Sham orbitals in the correlation part (PT2 double excitation). XYG3 is remarkably accurate for thermochemistry, reaction barrier heights, and nonbond interactions of main group molecules. In addition, the accuracy remains nearly constant with system size.