Dotted and Undotted Algebraic Spinor Fields in General Relativity

Research paper by E. Capelas de Oliveira, Waldyr A. Rodrigues

Indexed on: 03 Nov '04Published on: 03 Nov '04Published in: Mathematical Physics


We investigate using Clifford algebra methods the theory of algebraic dotted and undotted spinor fields over a Lorentzian spacetime and their realizations as matrix spinor fields, which are the usual dotted and undotted two component spinor fields. We found that some ad hoc rules postulated for the covariant derivatives of Pauli sigma matrices and also for the Dirac gamma matrices in General Relativity cover important physical meaning, which is not apparent in the usual matrix presentation of the theory of two components dotted and undotted spinor fields. We also discuss some issues related to the the previous one and which appear in a proposed "unified" theory of gravitation and electromagnetism which use two components dotted and undotted spinor fields and also paravector fields, which are particular sections of the even subundle of the Clifford bundle of spacetime.