Dose-dependent effects of intravenous alprazolam on neuroendocrine, biochemical, cardiovascular, and behavioral parameters in humans

Research paper by Ossama T. Osman, John K. Hsiao, William Z. Potter

Indexed on: 01 Jun '93Published on: 01 Jun '93Published in: Psychopharmacology


Neuroendocrine, biochemical, cardiovascular, and behavioral parameters were assessed in seven normal volunteers for 2 h after intravenous administration of alprazolam (APZ). Three doses of APZ (0.003, 0.007, and 0.02 mg/kg) were administered to each subject in a random order with at least 4 days between infusions. Plasma growth hormone and sedation increased in a dose dependent manner after APZ, and there was a dose dependent change in the shape of the cortisol response to APZ. No dose-response relationships were evident for plasma ACTH and norepinephrine. These differences in dose-response relationships may reflect the involvement of multiple systems in controlling neuroendocrine, biochemical, and subjective responses to APZ infusion. The optimal dose of APZ needed to produce a neuroendocrine or behavioral change appears to differ depending on the parameter of interest.