Domain Decomposition Method for Maxwell's Equations: Scattering off Periodic Structures

Research paper by Achim Schädle, Lin Zschiedrich, Sven Burger, Roland Klose, Frank Schmidt

Indexed on: 09 Feb '06Published on: 09 Feb '06Published in: Mathematics - Numerical Analysis


We present a domain decomposition approach for the computation of the electromagnetic field within periodic structures. We use a Schwarz method with transparent boundary conditions at the interfaces of the domains. Transparent boundary conditions are approximated by the perfectly matched layer method (PML). To cope with Wood anomalies appearing in periodic structures an adaptive strategy to determine optimal PML parameters is developed. We focus on the application to typical EUV lithography line masks. Light propagation within the multi-layer stack of the EUV mask is treated analytically. This results in a drastic reduction of the computational costs and allows for the simulation of next generation lithography masks on a standard personal computer.