$\gamma\gamma$ physics with the KLOE experiment

Research paper by The KLOE-2 Collaboration, F. Archilli, D. Babusci, D. Badoni, I. Balwierz, G. Bencivenni, C. Bini, C. Bloise, V. Bocci, F. Bossi, P. Branchini, A. Budano, S. A. Bulychjev, P. Campana, G. Capon, et al.

Indexed on: 19 Jul '11Published on: 19 Jul '11Published in: High Energy Physics - Experiment


The processes $e^+e^-\to e^+e^-X$, with $X$ being either the $\eta$ meson or $\pi^0\pi^0$, are studied at DA$\Phi$NE, with $e^+e^-$ beams colliding at $\sqrt{s}\simeq1$ GeV, below the $\phi$ resonance peak. The data sample is from an integrated luminosity of 240 pb$^{-1}$, collected by the KLOE experiment without tagging of the outgoing $e^+e^-$. Preliminary results are presented on the observation of the $\gamma\gamma\to\eta$ process, with both $\eta\to\pi^+\pi^-\pi^0$ and $\eta\to\pi^0\pi^0\pi^0$ channels, and the evidence for $\gamma\gamma\to\pi^0\pi^0$ production at low $\pi^0\pi^0$ invariant mass.