Do analysts cater to investor beliefs via target prices

Research paper by An-Sing Chen, Chong-Chuo Chang, Lee-Young Cheng, Hsing-Yu Tu

Indexed on: 23 Apr '16Published on: 21 Apr '16Published in: International Review of Economics & Finance


This study examines analyst target price bias within the framework of catering theory. Given that analyst catering is more probable when the clients of the analyst forecasts are less sophisticated investors who are less likely detect it, we focus on a unique stock market where individual investors rather than institutions are the predominant group and account for 75% of the total security trading. Our results show that analysts do cater to investors via overshooting actual end-of-forecast-period prices even after controlling market sentiment index, analyst and company characteristics. Furthermore, results show that foreign analysts produced more biased target prices compared to domestic peers.

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