Diversity and creativity in cross-national teams: The role of team knowledge sharing and inclusive climate

Research paper by Ali Ahmad Bodla, Ningyu Tang, Wan Jiang, Longwei Tian, Jawad Syed, Edwina Pio

Indexed on: 19 Sep '18Published on: 01 Sep '18Published in: Journal of Management & Organization


Diversity literature has demonstrated negative effects of surface-level diversity and positive effects of deep-level diversity. How do two types of diversity among cross national team members influence team knowledge sharing and team creativity' The purpose of this study is to explore conditions that leverage the positive and restrain the negative effects of team diversity on team knowledge sharing, which leads to team creativity. We expect inclusive climate as the significant condition and knowledge sharing as the profound intervening mechanism between team diversity and team creativity relationship. We tested the hypotheses with data from a sample of 60 cross-national research teams from several universities in China. The results support the hypothesized relationships among inclusive climate, team knowledge sharing, and team creativity. Our findings contribute to the advancement of team diversity and team creativity literature, and their theoretical and practical implications are discussed.