Distribution of HLA alleles and haplotypes in Jinuo and Wa populations in Southwest China.

Research paper by Li L Shi, Saeko S Ogata, Jian Kun JK Yu, Jun J Ohashi, Liang L Yu, Lei L Shi, Hao H Sun, Keqin K Lin, Xiao Qin XQ Huang, Masaki M Matsushita, Satoshi S Horai, Masaaki M Muramatsu, Jia You JY Chu, Katsushi K Tokunaga

Indexed on: 26 Feb '08Published on: 26 Feb '08Published in: Human Immunology


The frequencies of human leukocyte antigen (HLA) alleles HLA-A, -B, and -DRB1 alleles and A-B-DRB1, A-B, and B-DRB1 haplotypes were studied in Jinuo and Wa populations in Southwest China using the polymerase chain reaction-Luminex (PCR-Luminex) typing method. A total of 12 A, 22 B, and 16 DRB1 alleles were found in the Jinuo population, and 10 A, 28 B, and 18 DRB1 alleles were found in the Wa population. The A*110101-B*1502-DRB1*120201 was the predominant haplotype in both the Jinuo and Wa populations; A*110101-B*1301-DRB1*120201 and A*24020101-B*1502-DRB1*120201 were common in the Jinuo population, whereas A*110101-B*1532-DRB1*1504 and A*110101-B*350101-DRB1*1404 were common in the Wa population. Phylogenetic tree and principal component analyses based on HLA-A, -B, and -DRB1 allele frequencies suggested that both the Jinuo and Wa populations belong to the Southeast Asian group, whereas Wa population is still maintaining its original genetic character and a great distance from other populations because of a founder effect and subsequent geographic isolation. A close relationship among Jinuo, Wa, Thai, and Vietnamese was also suggested.