Distribution and fate of 2-C14-glucose in the liver fluke, Fasciola hepatica L., after short in vitro incubation

Research paper by Walborg Thorsell, Lars-Erik Appelgren, Maarja Kippar

Indexed on: 01 Jun '68Published on: 01 Jun '68Published in: Zeitschrift fur Parasitenkunde (Berlin, Germany)


Adult stages of Fasciola hepatica L. were incubated in 2-C14-glucose for 10 minutes. The distribution and fate of C14 was followed by microautoradiography and paper electrophoresis and paper chromatography in combination with autoradiography. It was found that C14 accumulated predominately in the parenchyme and in the suckers. Within the fluke C14 was found in high molecular weight compounds like glycogen and in acids belonging to the citric acid cycle. These acids were not observed in the incubation medium. Labelled compounds behaving like amino acids were found both in the fluke and in the incubation medium.