Dissociation energy of diatomic molecules — comment on the work of Kaur and Mahajan

Research paper by Suresh Chandra

Indexed on: 01 Apr '01Published on: 01 Apr '01Published in: Pramana


When observed spectrum of a diatomic molecule is expressed in terms of the Dunham coefficients Y00, Y10, Y20, Y01 and Y11 only, dissociation energy of the molecule is given by Y00+Y102/(−4Y20). Kaur and Mahajan [1] have used the Dunham coefficients Y10, Y20, Y01, and Y11, for 15 vibrational states of 12 diatomic molecules (Y00 is zero for the cases accounted for), but their dissociation energy cannot be reproduced by the expression Y102/(−4Y20). Probable reason for the discrepancy has been discussed.