Disproportionation of propylene on zeolite catalysts

Research paper by A. L. Lapidus, Ya. I. Isakov, E. P. Samorokova, Kh. M. Minachev, Ya. T. Éidus

Indexed on: 01 Aug '71Published on: 01 Aug '71Published in: Russian Chemical Bulletin


Synthetic type Y zeolites are active in the disproportionation of propylene, which is accompanied by a redistribution of hydrogen with the formation of saturated hydrocarbons and condensation products.The most active of the catalysts studied are [4.7% Ni]/CaY, CaY-90, CaY-56, [4% Ni]/NaY, and the most selective NdY-63, 4.7% Ni/CaY, [4% Co]/NaY, 4.7% Ni/DY.The selectivity of the catalysts with respect to disproportionation depends on their composition, method of preliminary treatment, and experimental conditions.