Dislocation substructure formed by irradiating iron with a low-energy high-current electron beam

Research paper by E. F. Dudarev, L. A. Kornienko, S. V. Lykov, A. B. Markov, G. P. Pochivalova, V. P. Rotshtein, T. Yu. Chubenko

Indexed on: 01 May '93Published on: 01 May '93Published in: Russian Physics Journal


Calculations were made of the time variation of the temperature in iron at different depths from a surface irradiated with a low-energy high-current electron beam. The mutual relationship betwen the changes in the dislocation and grain structures of the iron polycrystals and the maximum temperature reached during irradiation was traced. The variation of the microhardness in the surface layers of the irradiated iron was found to be nonmonotonic.