Discussion among Different Methods of Updating Model Filter in Object Tracking

Research paper by Taihang Dong, Sheng Zhong

Indexed on: 21 Nov '17Published on: 21 Nov '17Published in: arXiv - Computer Science - Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition


Discriminative correlation filters (DCF) have recently shown excellent performance in visual object tracking area. In this paper, we summarize the methods of updating model filter from discriminative correlation filter (DCF) based tracking algorithms and analyzes similarities and differences among these methods. We deduce the relationship among updating coefficient in high dimension (kernel trick), updating filter in frequency domain and updating filter in spatial domain, and analyze the difference among these different ways. We also analyze the difference between the updating filter directly and updating filter's numerator (object response power) with updating filter's denominator (filter's power). The experiments about comparing different updating methods and visualizing the template filters are used to prove our derivation.