Discontinuous Galerkin Isogeometric Analysis of Elliptic Diffusion Problems on Segmentations with Gaps

Research paper by Christoph Hofer, Ulrich Langer, Ioannis Toulopoulos

Indexed on: 18 Nov '15Published on: 18 Nov '15Published in: Mathematics - Numerical Analysis


We propose a new discontinuous Galerkin Isogeometric Analysis (IgA) technique for the numerical solution of elliptic diffusion problems in computational domains decomposed into volumetric patches with non-matching interfaces. Due to an incorrect segmentation procedure, it may happen that the interfaces of adjacent subdomains don't coincide. In this way, gap regions, which are not present in the original physical domain, are created. In this paper, the gap region is considered as a subdomain of the decomposition of the computational domain and the gap boundary is taken as an interface between the gap and the subdomains. We apply a multi-patch approach and derive a subdomain variational formulation which includes interface continuity conditions and is consistent with the original variational formulation of the problem. The last formulation is further modified by deriving interface conditions without the presence of the solution in the gap. Finally, the solution of this modified problem is approximated by a special discontinuous Galerkin IgA technique. The ideas are illustrated on a model diffusion problem with discontinuous diffusion coefficients. We develop a rigorous theoretical framework for the proposed method clarifying the influence of the gap size onto the convergence rate of the method. The theoretical estimates are supported by numerical examples in two- and three-dimensional computational domains.