Disappearance Conditions of Thermal Stress Singularities Based on Stress Intensity in Two and Three-Phase Bonded Structures

Research paper by Tadanobu inoue, Masaki Hojo, Shojiro Ochiai

Indexed on: 01 Feb '99Published on: 01 Feb '99Published in: International Journal of Fracture


The characteristics of stress singularities near the free edge of the interface of bonded dissimilar materials subjected to change in temperature are investigated. The thermal stresses are represented by the sum of the singular terms of types r-1 and log r, no singular ones and the particular ones. The functions, K × F (j=1,2,3), associated with the terms except the particular terms contributing to the thermal stresses are described as new stress intensity factors. The K is obtained from the technique of the Mellin transform and the F is calculated by numerical analysis such as finite element analysis. The emphasis here is placed on clarifying material combinations with arbitrary wedge angles and elastic properties yielding K = 0. The results can be used to determine material/geometry which ensures that interface residual stresses will be in compressive.