Dirichlet-Ford domains and Double Dirichlet domains

Research paper by Eric Jespers, Stanley Orlando Juriaans, Ann Kiefer, Antonio Calixto Souza Filho, Antonio De Andrade E. Silva

Indexed on: 21 Jun '16Published on: 21 Jun '16Published in: Mathematics - Group Theory


We continue investigations started by Lakeland on Fuchsian and Kleinian groups which have a Dirichlet fundamental domain that also is a Ford domain in the upper half-space model of hyperbolic $2$- and $3$-space, or which have a Dirichlet domain with multiple centers. Such domains are called DF-domains and Double Dirichlet domains respectively. Making use of earlier obtained concrete formulas for the bisectors defining the Dirichlet domain of center $i \in \HQ^2$ or center $j \in \HQ^3$, we obtain a simple condition on the matrix entries of the side-pairing transformations of the fundamental domain of a Fuchsian or Kleinian group to be a DF-domain. Using the same methods, we also complement a result of Lakeland stating that a cofinite Fuchsian group has a DF domain (or a Dirichlet domain with multiple centers) if and only if it is an index $2$ subgroup of the discrete group G of reflections in a hyperbolic polygon.