Direct removal of SU-8 using focused laser writing

Research paper by F.C. Cheong, B. Varghese, S. Sindhu, C.M. Liu, S. Valiyaveettil, A.A. Bettiol, J.A. van Kan, F. Watt, W.S. Chin, C.T. Lim, C.H. Sow

Indexed on: 23 Jan '07Published on: 23 Jan '07Published in: Applied Physics A


SU-8 photoresist is an important material used in the development of micro-devices [1]. Cross-linked SU-8 structures have been known for their thermal stability and their strong resistance to standard solvent, acid and base. Due to the inert properties of this polymer, it is difficult to further modify or remove SU-8 once it is completely cured. We report an effective process to pattern cured SU-8 photoresist on glass using focused laser beam. Laser fabrication has been an important tool in various fields of research [2]. We made use of this laser cutting method to create interesting and useful two-dimensional SU-8 structures. The shapes and sizes of the structures created can be controlled by varying the power of the laser, angle of incident of the focused laser beam, the relative speed with which the laser beam traverse through the SU-8 film and the magnification of objective lens used. Besides two-dimensional structures, we can also create three-dimensional structures. In this case, we made use of a combination of controlled depth cutting and undercutting where focused laser beam is transmitted through the transparent substrate. Some possible applications of the laser patterned SU-8 film are also demonstrated in this work.