Direct nitridation synthesis and characterization of Si3N4 nanofibers

Research paper by P. M. Sylenko, A. M. Shlapak, S. S. Petrovska, O. Y. Khyzhun, Y. M. Solonin, V. V. Atuchin

Indexed on: 21 Apr '15Published on: 21 Apr '15Published in: Research on Chemical Intermediates


Silicon nitride nanofibers were prepared by direct nitridation of silicon powder, with an iron catalyst, under nitrogen flow. The as-prepared nanofibers have the α-Si3N4 structure. Micromorphology and phase composition of the as-prepared α-Si3N4 nanofibers were characterized by scanning and transmission electron microscopy and by X-ray diffraction analysis, respectively. The electronic structure of silicon nitride nanofibers was compared with that of Si3N4 powder by X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy and X-ray emission spectroscopy.