Direct enantiomeric separations by high performance liquid chromatography using cyclodextrins.

Research paper by S M SM Han

Indexed on: 06 Oct '97Published on: 06 Oct '97Published in: Biomedical Chromatography


Due to their identical chemical and physical properties, the separation of enantiomers has been considered one of the most difficult challenges in chemistry from both an analytical or a preparative viewpoint. With the development and commercialization of many new or improved chiral stationary phases and chiral additives, interest in enantiomeric separation by HPLC has grown tremendously in the last two decades. Cyclodextrins and modified cyclodextrins are widely used chiral selectors. They are used as either the chiral stationary phases, as chiral mobile phase additives, or as chiral counter-ions. This review describes the historical development of derivatized and underivatized cyclodextrins in HPLC and their various applications.