Diquark-Antidiquarks with Hidden or Open Charm and the Nature of X(3872)

Research paper by L. Maiani, F. Piccinini, A. D. Polosa, V. Riquer

Indexed on: 21 Dec '04Published on: 21 Dec '04Published in: High Energy Physics - Phenomenology


Heavy-light diquarks can be the building blocks of a rich spectrum of states which can accommodate some of the newly observed charmonium-like resonances not fitting a pure c-cbar assignment. We examine this possibility for hidden and open charm diquark-antidiquark states deducing spectra from constituent quark masses and spin-spin interactions. Taking the X(3872) as input we predict the existence of a 2++ state that can be associated to the X(3940) observed by Belle and re-examine the state claimed by SELEX, X(2632). The possible assignment of the previously discovered states D_s(2317) and D_s(2457) is discussed. We predict X(3872) to be made of two components with a mass difference related to (m_u-m_d) and discuss the production of X(3872) and of its charged partner X^(+-) in the weak decays of B^(+,0).