Digital search trees and chaos game representation

Research paper by Peggy Cénac, Brigitte Chauvin, Stéphane Ginouillac, Nicolas Pouyanne

Indexed on: 29 May '06Published on: 29 May '06Published in: Mathematics - Probability


In this paper, we consider a possible representation of a DNA sequence in a quaternary tree, in which on can visualize repetitions of subwords. The CGR-tree turns a sequence of letters into a digital search tree (DST), obtained from the suffixes of the reversed sequence. Several results are known concerning the height and the insertion depth for DST built from i.i.d. successive sequences. Here, the successive inserted wors are strongly dependent. We give the asymptotic behaviour of the insertion depth and of the length of branches for the CGR-tree obtained from the suffixes of reversed i.i.d. or Markovian sequence. This behaviour turns out to be at first order the same one as in the case of independent words. As a by-product, asymptotic results on the length of longest runs in a Markovian sequence are obtained.