Diffusion-controlled solid-state reactions of spherical particles, a general model for multiphase binary systems.

Research paper by Vincenzo V Buscaglia, Chiara C Milanese

Indexed on: 21 Jul '06Published on: 21 Jul '06Published in: Journal of Physical Chemistry B


The formal treatment of the diffusion-controlled growth of n binary compounds with narrow homogeneity range during the reaction of a sphere of reactant A immersed in reactant B is presented and discussed. Both constituents are assumed to be mobile. The reaction products are assumed to grow simultaneously as uniform and compact concentric layers with ideal contact at the interfaces as well as at the external surface of the sphere. The kinetic equations follow from the coupling between chemical reactions and partitioning of the diffusion flux at phase boundaries. The results for the formation of two and three compounds are presented. The influence of the initial radius of the sphere, of the relative magnitude of the kinetic constants, and of the volume variation is discussed in detail.