Differentiation between glioblastoma, brain metastasis and subtypes using radiomics analysis.

Research paper by Moran M Artzi, Idan I Bressler, Dafna D Ben Bashat

Indexed on: 13 Jan '19Published on: 13 Jan '19Published in: Journal of Magnetic Resonance Imaging


Differentiation between glioblastoma and brain metastasis is highly important due to differing medical treatment strategies. While MRI is the modality of choice for the assessment of patients with brain tumors, differentiation between glioblastoma and solitary brain metastasis may be challenging due to their similar appearance on MRI. To differentiate between glioblastoma and brain metastasis subtypes using radiomics analysis based on conventional post-contrast T -weighted (T W) MRI. Retrospective. Data were acquired from 439 patients: 212 patients with glioblastoma and 227 patients with brain metastasis (breast, lung, and others). Post-contrast 3D T W gradient echo images, acquired with 1.5 and 3.0 T MR systems. Analysis included image preprocessing, segmentation of tumor area, and features extraction including: patients' clinical information, tumor location, first- and second-order statistical, morphological, wavelet features, and bag-of-features. Following dimension reduction, classification was performed using various machine-learning algorithms including support-vector machine (SVM), k-nearest neighbor, decision trees, and ensemble classifiers. For classification, the data were divided into training (80%) and testing datasets (20%). Following optimization of the classifiers, mean sensitivity, specificity, accuracy, and area under the receiver operating characteristic curve (AUC) were calculated. For the testing dataset, the best results for differentiation of glioblastoma from brain metastasis were obtained using the SVM classifier with mean accuracy = 0.85, sensitivity = 0.86, specificity = 0.85, and AUC = 0.96. The best classification results between glioblastoma and brain metastasis subtypes were obtained using SVM classifier with mean accuracy = 0.85, 0.89, 0.75, 0.90; sensitivity = 1.00, 0.60, 0.57, 0.11; specificity = 0.76, 0.92, 0.87, 0.99; and AUC = 0.98, 0.81, 0.83, 0.57 for the glioblastoma, breast, lung, and other brain metastases, respectively. Differentiation between glioblastoma and brain metastasis showed a high success rate based on postcontrast T W MRI. Classification between glioblastoma and brain metastasis subtypes may require additional MR sequences with other tissue contrasts. 1 Technical Efficacy: Stage 2 J. Magn. Reson. Imaging 2019. © 2019 International Society for Magnetic Resonance in Medicine.