Differential expressions of aquaporin subtypes in astroglia in the hippocampus of chronic epileptic rats.

Research paper by J-E JE Kim, H J HJ Ryu, S-I SI Yeo, C H CH Seo, B C BC Lee, I-G IG Choi, D-S DS Kim, T-C TC Kang

Indexed on: 22 Jul '09Published on: 22 Jul '09Published in: Neuroscience


In order to elucidate the roles of aquaporins (AQPs) in astroglial responses, we investigated AQP expressions in the experimental epileptic hippocampus. In control animals, AQP1 protein expression was restricted to the ventricular-facing surface of the choroid plexus. AQP4 was expressed in astrocyte foot processes near blood vessels and in ependymal and pial surfaces in contact with cerebrospinal fluid. AQP9 protein has been detected in cells lining the cerebral ventricles, and in astrocytes. Six to eight weeks after status epilepticus (SE), AQP1 expression was mainly, but not all, detected in vacuolized astrocytes, which were localized in the stratum radiatum of the CA1 region. AQP4 was negligible in vacuolized CA1 astrocytes, although AQP4 immunoreactivity in non-vacuolized astrocytes was increased as compared to control level. AQP9 expression was shown to be mainly induced in non-vacuolized CA1 astrocytes. Therefore, our findings suggest that AQP subunits may play differential roles in various astroglial responses (including astroglial swelling and astroglial loss) in the chronic epileptic hippocampus.